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Subtask vs Trello Comparison

Use case Designed for teams at small to mid-sized companies. Ideal for anything from simple projects to large complex projects with many moving parts. Trello markets itself as an easy, flexible tool for organizing anything. Ideal for individuals or small teams who just need an online post-it board.
Limits 3 free boards with 5 collaborators. 10 free team boards.
Task management
Kanban column layout Switch to status view to automatically see tasks by status and drag & drop between columns to move them to their next phase. Create columns to define your phases of work. Only one view available.
Assign due dates Assign both start dates and due dates to tasks. Assign only due dates to tasks.
Add tags Add tags to categorize by label or color. Easily search with quick filters. Add tags with labels and colors. Limited search capabilities.
Create custom statuses Customize your workflow by modifying your status options. Can only modify columns to change your workflow. No custom status view.
Visualizing your plan
Timeline / Gantt chart view Visualize your plan with the built-in timeline view. Timelines only available via 3rd party integration. Requires sharing your Trello data with another company.
Effort-value priority view Built-in effort/value priority matrix to visualize your quick wins and time sinks. No effort/value priority matrix.
Dependency tracking Easily define and visualize which tasks must be done before you can start the next one. No dependency tracking option.
Nesting cards Nested cards allow you to break down any work into individual assignable units you can easily reorganize. Lists only allow one level of cards.
Integrated Calendar Switch to calendar view to get a quick monthly or weekly view of your work plan. No integrated calendar.
Staying up to speed
Email notifications Get notified by email whenever a card is changed or when a task is due. Specify boards or tasks to watch to get notifications.
Slack integration Integrate with Slack to get notified of changes in-channel Slack integration can be added with an add-on

Task management for teams

Subtask helps your team break down their work, decide what to do first, and get it done together.
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