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How to create a timeline in Subtask

How to create a timeline in Subtask

Online Gantt chart software hasn’t changed much in the last 20 years.

There’s certainly a simplicity to it that’s made it endure -- it’s largely built off of spreadsheets, and spreadsheets are still among the easiest software tools for people of any generation to use. Gantt charts however can be unwieldy for representing the large complex projects that teams are working on today.

With Subtask we can create project timelines that let us break down our work into pieces, search and filter when we want to focus on one piece of the plan, and manage all the details of our tasks including assignments, tags, file attachments, comments, and more.

Here’s how you can get a timeline started in Subtask:

1. Determine your milestones.

After starting a new Subtask board, the first step is to create our milestones. For this example I’m going to create 3 milestones by making a few new groups in Subtask.

2. Decide on the work that goes into each milestone

Under each milestone, add the tasks, projects, or user stories that need to be done to complete that milestone. Some of those items might be further broken down into smaller parts as well.

3. Which pieces of work are dependent on each other?

Within each milestone we might have certain tasks that depend on others to be done before we can start them. Using the Create Relationship arrow tool we can quickly connect those dependencies together

4. Lay out your timeline

At this point we’ll switch to the timeline view and start dragging and dropping our milestones and tasks into the timeline to schedule them. If I need to add more tasks I can always do that in the sidebar or by clicking on a task to open its detail view.

Try out Subtask’s project planning timeline for free at www.subtask.co

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