Custom fields to add the details you need

Flexible and powerful custom fields for all your tasks

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Custom fields in Subtask

Labels, numbers, and forms for more task & project details

Custom labels and number fields let you add fine grain info to your tasks, while longer custom forms can be added to include more info.

Add labels, numbers, and forms to your task

Dates & times

Custom date and time fields give you more flexibility to schedule project work your way and keep track of what's important.

Add custom date and time fields to tasks


Use sliders to visualize a range of numbers and see stats and percentages in an easy-to-digest format.

Custom slider field in detail view

Search, sort, and filter

Search by custom fields to get to the tasks you need. Sort by custom fields to rank them on the criteria that's important to you

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Find out more about how to configure your custom fields. Learn more about Subtask's pricing plans to find out which plan is right for you.

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