Custom fields in Subtask

Subtask's custom fields give you the flexibility to add the details you need to your tasks.

Subtask offers 8 different types of custom fields:

  • Text: for short phrases, urls, names, labels, or other small pieces of info.
  • Long form text: For long descriptions and other verbose details.
  • Dropdown: Select from a list of custom labels.
  • Checklist: Create a checklist on each card to track your todos.
  • Date: Calendar dates (Month/Day/Year).
  • Time: Time of day (Hour:Minute AM/PM).
  • Number: Positive or negative numbers.
  • Slider 0-100 range visualized by a slider.

Creating custom fields

Manage the custom fields in your board via the Custom field editor. You can find the custom field editor in the main board menu under Customize Board > Manage Custom Fields

Open the custom field editor in Subtask

In the custom field editor, click Add field to create your first custom field. Enter a label for your field and choose the type from the dropdown menu.

Create your first custom field

By default, all your custom fields will appear in a card's detail view. If you want a custom field to appear on all cards in the board, check the box to show on card

Check the show on card option to include custom fields to cards in the board

Members who are on the free plan can create 1 custom field per board. Members on a Team or Individual subscription can create unlimited custom fields, and have the option to sort by their custom values.

Add custom fields to cards

Add custom fields to a card

In the card's detail view, click Add more details > Add custom field then choose from your list of fields to add it to the task.

Custom field types


Text fields can be used to hold short 1 line phrases, urls, or other short pieces of free-form info that you need to add to a task.

Custom text field in detail view

Custom text field on card

Long form text

Long form text fields can be used for long descriptions and other verbose details. They can also include urls and basic formatting (bold and italics)

Custom long form text field in detail view

Custom long form text field on card


Add checklists to your cards to manage a list of todos. Easily add new items, mark them as done, and quickly reorder items by drag & drop.

Checklist in detail view

Checklist on a card


Custom date fields let you add additional calendar dates to your cards. When a custom date is added to a card, the card will also appear on the calendar on the selected date.

Custom date field in detail view

Custom date field on card


Custom time fields let you add a time of day to a card.

Custom time field in detail view

Custom time field on card


Custom number fields allow you to add a number to your card. You can sort by your custom number field via the Sort by option in the [...] menu on each column.

Custom number field in detail view

Custom number field on card


Custom sliders can be a helpful way to visualize some measurement you want to add to your tasks. You can sort by the selected value on your slider via the Sort by option in the [...] menu on each column.

Custom slider field in detail view

Custom slider on card

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