Working with task IDs in Subtask

Task IDs provide a quick way to identify work items when sharing them with colleagues or referencing them in documents or other applications.

To find the ID of a task, click on the card to open its detail view. The ID appears in the top left corner.

Editing the format of your task IDs

The task ID format can be customized per workspace, per board, or per column. (Note that customizing task IDs is a premium feature only available to subscribers on an Individual or Team plan)

Customize task IDs for a column

To modify the task ID format for a specific column, click on the 3 dots on the top right corner of the column, and then on "edit" next to task ID format.

Customize task IDs for a board

Click on the 3 dots next to the board title, then on Customize Board and then "edit" next to "Task ID format".

Customize task IDs for a workspace

Go to the board listing page at and click on the gear icon in the workspace heading to open the settings menu. Go to the settings & integrations tab, and you'll find the Task ID format option.

Search by task ID

Enter a task ID in the search query box to quickly find a specific task in a board

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