Getting started with a team in Subtask

Subtask is built to make remote, real-time collaboration as easy as possible. By creating a Subtask team workspace, you'll have a shared space where everyone can create boards and keep in sync on their work as it gets broken down, prioritized, and scheduled.

Create your team

To get started, click on the Create Team button in the header on your Subtask home page

Create a team via the button in the header

Configure your team

Create a name for your team and add an avatar or logo to help identify it. You may also add any colleagues by entering their email addresses separated by a comma (you may also add your team members later). Click Create team to continue.

Configure your team

Start working in your team workspace

Once you've created your team, your team workspace will appear at the top of your home screen. From here you can create new boards, upgrade to a paid Team plan, or modify your team's settings and membership.

Invite team members

Click on the gear icon in the team workspace header to modify settings and invite team members. To invite other team members, enter their email address and specify the permission setting they should have.

The permission settings you can choose from are:

  • Admin: Can change workspace settings, add or delete boards, and add or remove team members.
  • Editor: Can create new boards or edit content in any board in the workspace.
  • Commenter: Can view any board but can only add comments in them.
  • Viewer: May only view boards in the workspace.

Note that when you purchase a paid plan, only Editors and Admins will count toward your total number of paid seats.

Team member panel

Upgrade to a paid team subscription

When you're ready to upgrade, open the settings panel and click on the Subscription tab to set up your paid plan.

When you are subscribed, your total monthly bill will be based on the total number of seats your team used during the course of the month. If you add or remove team members during the month, those changes will be reflected in your next bill.

If you choose to cancel your team plan, you may do so at any time via the team settings panel. When you cancel, you will receive a refund for any unused time in the current monthly billing cycle.

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