Importing a csv file into Subtask

One way to quickly load data into a task board is to import a CSV (comma-separated values) file. This can be a quick way to import tasks from other tools such as Trello or Asana as well.

Select import from csv in the board menu

Start by opening the board menu and selecting Import from > Import from CSV

If you have data in a spreadsheet such as a Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers, or Google Sheets file, export your data to a csv file from there before importing into Subtask.

Beginning your CSV import

Drag and drop your csv file into Subtask

On the next screen, drag and drop your csv file in, or click to select a file from your computer.

Configure your imported data

In the next view you'll be able to match up the columns in your csv file with fields in Subtask. Select as many as you need. It is recommended to at least have a title field selected.

Subtask will attempt to automatically match up any columns that it can. For example if you have a column named "title" or "due date" it will select those for the Title and Due date options respectively.

Configure which columns match up to Subtask fields

The following fields can be imported into Subtask from a CSV file:

  • Title: (text) A short sentence describing the task.
  • Description: (text) A longer body of text that includes more details.
  • Status: (text) A word or phrase stating where in the workflow this task is (e.g. in progress, done, etc)
  • Due date: (date) The date on which the task is due
  • Start date: (date) The date on which the task should be started
  • Time estimate: (number) A duration of time (in hours, minutes, days, or weeks)
  • Assigned to: (text) A name or email address specifying who the task is assigned to. (Multiple comma-separated email addresses can be included)
  • Task group: (text) This specifies the column that the task should go in. If none is set, a default column will be created.
  • Tags: (text) Any categories or groupings that you want to display as tags can be included here. You may select one or more columns to populate a card's tags.

Finishing your CSV import

CSV import progress

After you press the Import button in the configuration panel, the import will begin and you'll see a progress bar appear. Large CSV files may take a few minutes to process and save. Please be patient while it's processing!

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