Integrate Github into your Subtask boards

Using Subtask's Github integration, you can attach Github pull requests to cards and monitor their status in realtime, including changes to their merge status, comments, or reviewers and assignees.

Here's how to set it up:

Connect to Github

If you are connecting your personal boards to a Github account, go to the account integrations page

If you are connecting your team workspace to a Github account, click on the gear icon in the team header and then open the integrations tab.

open team workspace settings

In the integrations tab click connect to Github and follow the steps to log into your github account.

Connect to Github from Subtask

When you reach Github's signin page, you can review the permissions requested by the Subtask app and grant Subtask permission to access your organization.

When Subtask is connected to Github, it will add a webhook to your organization which will send updates for Github pull requests and commits to Subtask so that the information can be reflected in your boards

To disconnect your Github account, go to the integrations and click "Manage Github integration" and then "Disconnect from Github". This will remove Subtask's access to your Github organization and remove any webhooks it installed.

Adding a Github pull request to a card

Once you've connected your team workspace to Github, open the (+) Add details menu add select Github pull request

Select Github pull request from add details menu

In the pull request input you can enter a pull request url, the repository name & pull request number, or pull request title. If a match is found, your pull request will appear on your card.

Find a Github pull request and connect it to your card

Github pull request attached to your card

If any comments, reviewers, or assignees are added to the pull request, they will appear on the card as well. Once the pull request is merged, its status will also be updated to reflect the change in Subtask.

Linking Git commits to Subtask cards

Coming soon!

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