Integrating Subtask to Google Calendar

How to setup Google Calendar with Subtask

  • Start by going to your integrations page

  • Under Connect to Google Calendar click the button to "Upgrade" and choose either the Individual or the Team plan.

  • If you have already upgraded to a subscription plan, then click Connect under Connect to Google Calendar

  • You'll be prompted to log into your Google account and confirm that Subtask can read and edit events in your calendar.

  • When you return to the integrations page, select the calendar from the dropdown where you want your tasks from Subtask to go.

  • When you return to your boards, any task that you add a date to will be synced to your calendar

  • You can sync all your boards at once by pressing the "Sync all boards" button on the integrations page.

Frequently asked questions

What changes will Subtask make to my calendar?

When you add a due date or a start date to a task, that task will be added as an event in your calendar. If you change the tasks's title or description any time, then those changes will be synced over as well.

If you remove the start date and due date then the event will be removed from your calendar.

Will Subtask change any of the existing events in my calendar?

No, Subtask will only add, edit, or delete the tasks you create in Subtask. No other events in your calendars will be affected.

My tasks aren't appearing in Google Calendar

Go to your integrations page and check if you selected exclude done tasks and/or only tasks assigned to me.

If you pressed the "Sync all boards" button, note that will exclude any tasks with dates that are more than 30 days in the past.

Will changes I make in Google Calendar show up in Subtask?

At the moment, no. Changes you make to events in Google Calendar will not be synced back to Subtask.

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