Subtask Shortcuts

Card shortcuts
Open card detail view click on card
Open card menu right-click on card
Save card and create another return
Add a subtask to a card ctrl + return
New line in card title shift + return
Assign to yourself mouse over card + space
Open tag menu mouse over card + t
Add a description mouse over card + d
Open due date picker mouse over card + u
Delete card mouse over card + delete
Previous card shift + tab
Next card tab
Select multiple cards mouse over & click checkbox
Scroll the board horizontally ← → left/right arrow
Undo the last edit Ctrl-Z
Redo the last undone change Ctrl-Y
Start a search in the current board Ctrl-F
Paste text as cards Ctrl-V
Paste image into detail view Ctrl-V
Timeline view
zoom in / out + / −
Priority matrix
Create a card double-click
Settings menu right-click
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