Subtask Shortcuts

General shortcuts
click on a card Open the detailed view of a task
right click on a card Open card menu
Enter Save the current card title and create a new task in the same group
Ctrl+Enter Save the current card title and create a new subtask under it
Escape reset the current card title you're editing / exit from detail view
← → left/right arrow Scroll the board horizontally
Ctrl-Z Cmd-Z Undo the last edit
Ctrl-Y Cmd-Y Redo the last undone change
Ctrl-F Cmd-F Start a search in the current board
Ctrl-V Cmd-V If you've copied an image, open the detail view and paste it into the current card. If you've copied text from another app, this will paste it as cards into the current board or task you have opened (One card will be created per line of text)
Hover on a card and press spacebar Assign the card to yourself
Hover on a card Enable bulk-selection. Click on the checkboxes in the top left corner of your cards and modify them using the bulk selection menu in the header
Timeline view
+ / − zoom in / out
Priority matrix
double-click Create a card directly on the grid.
right-click Right click on the grid to open a menu to access settings / create a card
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