Using templates in Subtask

Subtask's board templates provide an easy way to reuse any columns, cards, custom statuses, custom fields, tags, and other content so that you don't have to recreate them every time you start a new board.

Starting a board from a template

When you choose to create a new board, you'll find the option to start your board from a template.

This will open up the template panel where you will find a selection of public templates as well as any personal templates you created or other templates shared with you. To start a new board from one, hover your cursor over a template and click Use template.

Click 'use template' to start a board from a template

Creating your own templates

First open the template panel. You can get to it by choosing Start new board from template on either the board listing page, or from inside another board's main menu.

Start a new board from a template in Subtask

You'll see a few example templates provided by Subtask and an option to create a new template of your own. (Note that you must have a Subtask subscription in order to create personal templates)

Open the template panel and start your own task template or use one of the templates provided

After choosing to create a new template, you'll find yourself in a new, blank board. Here you can add any columns, configure custom statuses, and add custom fields that you want to reuse. When you are done, you can return to the board listing page, or use the main menu to start a new board using your new template.

The 'template' label next to the board title indicates that you're editing a template

Convert a board into a template

If you've already created a board that you want to turn into a template, open the main menu, then select Customize Board > Save as template.

Save your Subtask board as a template

Next time you choose "Start board from template" You'll find your new template available there.

Start a board from a personal template

Editing an existing template

To edit a template, open the template panel by clicking on "Start board from template", then click on the 3 dot icon on the top right corner of the template's thumbnail > then View/edit template.

View or edit a Subtask template

Note: if a template was shared with you, or if it is a public template, you may not be able to edit the original template. (You do have the option to copy it and start your own template from it)

Share a template with others

To share a template with someone, open the template to view/edit (see above). Once the template is open, click the Share button on the top right side of the screen and enter the email address of the user you want to share it with.

Click 'Share' to share your template with others

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