Task History in Subtask

Subtask's task history view gives you a detailed listing of activity that occurred in your board.

Task history in Subtask

Viewing task history for the whole board

Navigate to task history

Access the task history view via the navigation menu next to the other views in the header.

Navigating the task history view in Subtask

The Board history view is broken down into 5 columns:

  • The time the activity occurred
  • The team member who made the change
  • A short summary of the action
  • A preview of the card the action took place on
  • A description of the change

Subtask's history view makes it easy to see what changed at a glanced. When a value is changed, such as a card's status, you'll see both the old status and the new status that was set. Old or deleted values are shown with faded text and symbols.

Filter and search your task history

Filter subtask history

Using the filters at the top of the page you can limit the view to certain actions. The following filters are available:

  • Text changes: view changes to card titles, column titles, and card descriptions.
  • Status changes: view changes to card statuses, creation of new custom statuses, or deletion of custom statuses
  • Date changes: view changes to start dates, due dates, and time estimates
  • Tag changes: view tags added or removed from cards
  • Comments: view new comments, replies, as well as deleted or resolved comments
  • Moves: view cards moved between columns or other tasks, reordered cards, columns moved to another board
  • Other: Includes changes to dependencies, file attachments, priority, and assignments
  • Date range View changes that occurred in a specific date range

Searching task history

You can also use any of the search fields in the header to filter your history to a specific set of tasks. e.g. if you want to view history for all tasks in one column, all tasks assigned to one team member, or all tasks with a certain status, tag, due date, and more.

Viewing history for a single card

To view history for a specific card, open its detail view by clicking on the card, and then on view history option at the bottom of the detail view.

Find the view history option in the bottom of the detail view

In the card's history view, you will be able to see time time an action occurred, the team member who made the change, a short summary and a description of the change.

View task history for a single task

Accessing your full board history

Subtask members on the Basic plan may access up to 1 day of their task history. Members on the Individual or Team plan will have access to their full history.

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