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Project timelines made simple.

With Subtask you can create project timelines to manage project small or large. Create timelines that break down work and schedule when tasks need to be done. Manage all the details including assignments, status updates, comments, tags, and more. Here’s how you can create timeline in Subtask:

1. Determine your milestones.

Start your new Subtask board and add your major milestones. Hit the New button to create a new column for each milestone in your project.

2. Decide on the work that goes into each milestone

Under each milestone, add the tasks, projects, or user stories that need to be done to complete that milestone. Some of those items might be further broken down into smaller pieces as well.

3. Which pieces of work are dependent on each other?

Within each milestone you might have certain tasks that depend on others to be done before we can start them. Using the Create Relationship arrow tool we can quickly connect those dependencies together

4. Lay out your timeline

Next, switch to the timeline view and drag & drop your milestones and tasks into the timeline to schedule them. If you need to add more tasks you can do so any time in the sidebar or by clicking on a task to open its detail view.

5. Manage your progress.

As your project progresses, update the statuses on each task, or add comments and other details needed to get the work done. You can easily switch views anytime you need to view your tasks by status, by team member assignment, and more.

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