Prioritize your work more effectively

Visualize costs and benefits of project tasks with Subtask's Action Priority Matrix

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A better way to prioritize

Deciding which tasks to do first can be challenging. When you priorize work on a matrix it helps you better understand the costs and benefits so you can weigh them against each other. By visualizing how each task ranks on these two axes, you can get a better picture of the landscape of work ahead of you.

Assemble your backlog

Subtask makes it easy to lay out all the work at hand. Import tasks from a spreadsheet or import a board from Trello.

Drag and drop cards in the priority matrix

Placing cards in the priority matrix is as easy as putting sticky notes on a whiteboard.

Includes SWOT Analysis template and Eisenhower matrix

Work in an Eisenhower matrix, use a SWOT Analysis template, or customize your own 2x2 matrix to meet your business needs.

Customize your view

Change the labels and colors to make the priority matrix better work for your use case. Subtask's priority matrix supports numerous formats whether you need an Eisenhower matrix, a SWOT analysis, or any other type of 2x2 grid.

Automatically rank your tasks

Subtask will analyze the placement of your tasks in each quadrant and automatically rank them starting with the low-effort / high-value work first.

Add crucial context

Help your team and other stakeholders understand why tasks were prioritized a certain way. When you place a card on the grid you'll have a chance to comment on the reasons for its placement. Help others understand what the challenges are and what the expected impact will be.

Project management for teams

Subtask: The task board for organizing projects the way you want.
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