Project planning for teams

Subtask helps your team keep track of every aspect of your project and how it fits together.

High level strategy — to low level details

Use nested cards to plan your high level strategy, and lay out the initiatives and features that they contain. Go deeper into epics, user stories, and more as you flesh out your plan.

Break tasks down into subtasks

Visualize your dependencies

Schedule your work and identify the dependencies in our interactive timeline. Create and share gantt charts to get everyone on the same page.

Schedule work in the timeline / gantt chart view

Weigh the trade-offs

Use our effort-value priority matrix to facilitate discussions about the effort and value of each proposal. Get a quick understanding of your quick wins and time sinks.

Choose the right projects in our effort/value priority matrix

Track your progress

View the status of your projects at a glance. See what's done, what's underway, and what needs attention.

View your project status
See what our customers are saying about Subtask
"Subtask is the only tool that allows the team to see work through different perspectives …and just focus on the work to be done in the most intuitive way possible."
- John Janek
  Chief Technologist
  Dev Technology Group, Inc.
"Subtask gives you the opportunity to organize yourself in many different ways depending on your actual needs."
- Jeisel Goyanes
  Capacity Building Manager
  Sustainable Innovations
"Infinite subtasks combined with matrix prioritization …is absolutely brilliant and something sorely missing on other platforms."
- Arman Abedini
  Real estate broker and investor

Track your projects with clarity

Help your team gain a better understanding of their projects and more effectively plan your work.

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