Recurring tasks

Flexible scheduling options to manage repeating work activity

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Recurring tasks on Subtask's calendar view

Recurring tasks are a great way to keep track of the regular activities that take place in your schedule. Whether it's weekly planning meetings, monthly review meetings, sprint planning, team retrospectives, and more.

Create recurring tasks in one click

Choose from a list of quick options to instantly set a recurring task. You can change your schedule as needed anytime.

Set up recurring tasks

Custom recurring task options when you need more control

Choose custom recurring intervals when you need to set a specific schedule.

Set tasks on multiple days of the week

Schedule tasks on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, or any combination of days that you need.

Choose which weekday your recurring tasks should repeat on

Track the status of each individual task

Set your weekly task's status when a new occurrence of a task is in progress or done. When the next week begins, the next occurrence will be ready to start again.

Add checklists to recurring tasks

Add a checklist to a recurring task to provide an agenda or outline for what needs to be done. When the next occurrence of the task starts, your checklist will be ready to complete again.

Add checklists to recurring tasks

Limit the number of occurrences

Set tasks to repeat indefinitely or limit them to a certain number, or end them on a specific date.

set number of occurrences or a date for the recurring task to end

Need to change one instance? Create a copy with one click.

Create duplicate tasks if you need to make a one-off copy with a specific date or detail changed. Doing so won't affect your main recurring task.

Duplicate a recurring task instance

Update your recurring task details in one place

If the details for the whole task change, edit titles, tags, and descriptions in one in order to update them all.

View tasks on a calendar or timeline

Use Subtask's calendar view or timeline view to see your schedule at a glance and make changes instantly.

Integrate with Google Calendar

Connect Subtask to Google Calendar and have your recurring tasks synced in realtime.

Project management for teams

Subtask: The task board for organizing projects the way you want.
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