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Track your todo lists with simple checklists in Subtask

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Add checklists to task cards in Subtask project boards

Why use checklists?

Checklists are a great way to keep track of tasks that need to get done. Whether you have a simple todo list, or a long list of projects, checklists are easy to manage and helpful for seeing what's done at a glance. Add todos to your checklists easily with one click and re-order them by dragging and dropping in place. Plus, there's nothing more satisfying than putting a check in that box to mark it as done.

Add tasks and todos

Enter a list of tasks quickly. Add a task and just hit enter to create the next todo.

Enter tasks into your checklist in Subtask

Drag and drop to re-order your checklist

Drag and drop tasks in your checklist to rearrange your todo's quickly and easily. Get the important work done with zero hassle.

Drag and drop checklist tasks to reorder them

Checklists for everything

Whether you're planning an agenda for a company meeting, tracking work for a team, or managing a personal project, Subtask's checklists can handle it all. Create checklists for all your tasks and get it done.

Examples of checklists in Subtask

Click the checkbox and call it done

Nothing beats the satisfaction of checking off a task to say it's done. One click and one step closer to your goal!

Need more flexibility? Check out Subtask's custom fields!

Project management for teams

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