Subtask beats the top project management software

How Subtask is better than Jira, Trello, Asana, and other project management tools.

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Subtask project management software

Why is Subtask the best project management tool?

Subtask offers power and flexibility packed into a simple, intuitive interface. With plans starting at $5 / month, Subtask is more affordable than any of the top project management tools out there.

Zero setup - get started in seconds

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Create a task board and get started in seconds

Everything at your fingertips

Adding tasks to a board is as easy as placing a sticky-note on a wall.

Cards are an easy way to track tasks in Subtask

Intuitive Interface

Whether you need to add a due date, change a status, or add an attachment, everything you need to manage your task is just 1 click away.

Add details to tasks with one click

Different views for any way you need to work

View your work in a calendar, on a timeline, in an eisenhower matrix, or in a kanban board. Switch views in one click and choose the view that's best for you.

Change views in Subtask

Organize everything the way you want.

Most project management software forces you to organize tasks their way. With Subtask, you have the freedom to organize and group tasks the way you want. With multiple views to work in, you never need to disrupt your task groups as you schedule work or track progress.

Break down tasks

Style it up

Subtask is the only top online project management tool with built-in dark mode and high quality curated background images to give your workspace some style.

Subtask in dark mode with background image

Undo mistakes in one click

Making a mistake is perfectly normal, and Subtask makes it easy to undo any change with one click (or Ctrl-Z). Getting those changes back is as easy as clicking "redo".

Subtask's undo redo button

Collaborate in realtime

All changes are instantly synced to everyone in the same board making Subtask the perfect tool for remote work. See instantly when a new comment comes in, or a status changes.

Comment @mention alerts in Subtask

Project management for teams

Subtask: The task board for organizing projects the way you want.
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