Project management tools for modern work

Subtask helps teams break down their work, decide what to do first, and get it done together.

subtask online project management software

What is Subtask

Subtask is the online project management tool to help you organize work, prioritize tasks, and track progress. Subtask gives you all the tools to help you manage your work quickly and easily, and make your team more effective. Perfect for remote teams!

Not just another online post-it board

We think task software should be more than just a button you press when your work is done. As a modern project management tool, Subtask helps you figure things out — by breaking large projects down into parts, visualizing priorities, and adding crucial context to keep everyone on the same page.

Different views to match the way you work

In Subtask you're not tied to a single view. Easily switch from one view to another to manage your project the way you want.

Prioritize visually, execute more efficiently

Collaborate to plot the effort and value of each task. Use the quadrants to decide whether to pursue the quick wins or the big bets first.

Your online kanban board, leveled up

See what's done, what's in progress, and what's left to do easily, at a glance.


All the tools you need to get stuff done and stay organized.

Nested cards Put cards inside other cards to break down large plans into small tasks and subtasks.
Task statuses Easily change task statuses with one click. Customize statuses to fit your workflow.
Custom fields Create custom fields to organize and manage the details you need. Add custom labels, checklists, long-form text, numbers, and more.
Task assignments Assign any card to one or more people. Assigned team members will get notified of changes or due dates.
Target dates Set start dates and due dates from a task card. View them on a timeline or in your calendar.
Recurring tasks Schedule tasks to repeat on weekly, monthly, daily, or at any interval you need. Customize the schedule to fit your workflow.
Dependencies Create relationships between tasks to show dependencies. Make it easy to see how to move forward.
File attachments Add images, video, pdfs, or any other file to your cards to add more detail.
Tags Tag tasks with custom labels and colors so you can categorize and search them.
Comments Add comments to discuss task details. Reply to comments or add a quick thumbs up for instant feedback.
Search & filter Search your entire task board by keyword, or filter by status, due date, assignment, priority, or tags.
Archive tasks Stash away any cards you no longer need in your archive.
Email notifications Get notifications about changes to a board including comments, new tasks, due dates, and assignment changes.
Slack integration Send activity notifications to any of your team’s Slack channels and keep everyone up to date on the latest changes.
Team accounts Set up a team to work together in Subtask. Make task boards available to everyone who needs them.

Plan and manage projects with clarity

Use Subtask to keep track of every aspect of your work and how it fits together, and deliver better team results.

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