What's new on Subtask

August 2021

  • Templates Use predefined templates to create new task boards with predefined columns, custom fields, and custom statuses. Members with an Individual or Team subscription can create and use personal templates themselves or within their team workspaces.

  • Customizable task IDs: Added task IDs to make tasks easier to refer to with a shorthand NAME-# format. Task IDs can be formatted per workspace, per board, or per column as needed. Search within boards by task id to quickly get to a specific task. Enter task IDs in card titles and descriptions to automatically link to other cards.

June 2021

  • Board search filters: Released a new Search Filter panel with more options for searching tasks in your board. Filter by date ranges, github pull requests, and any custom fields in your cards. The filter panel can be moved around your screen so you can move it out of the way while you're browsing through your board.

  • Team Free Trial: 30-day free trials are now available for team workspaces. With a free trial you get a shared team workspace and all the benefits of a Subtask Pro subscription

May 2021

Style your board with background images

  • Google Calendar: Connect your account to Google Calendar to have all your scheduled tasks synced over as calendar events. You can limit it to just tasks assigned to you, and optionally have tasks removed automatically when they are marked as done. Learn more about calendar integration

  • Background images and themes: Style your boards with background images or color themes.

  • Comment alerts: Added comment notifications to the board header where you can access all comments on the board. It will also indicate when new unseen comments have been added, and when you've been @mentioned in a new comment.

  • Browser notifications for @mentions: Enable browser notifications to get an alert when a comment is added that @mentions you.

  • Delete card shortcut: Hover your cursor over a card and press the delete button on your keyboard to delete a card.

  • Checkboxes on recurring tasks: When you check off items on recurring tasks, each occurrence of the task will start off unchecked when the next iteration begins. To see or update checked items on past or future instances of a task, click on a card on a specific date on the calendar view.

  • Recent Boards: Click on the logo in the top left corner of a board to open a list of recently visited boards for quick navigation, or create a new board directly from there.

April 2021

Try Subtask in dark mode

  • Dark mode: Switch your Subtask boards to light text on a dark background.

  • Condensed mode: View only card titles and statuses on the board to conserve space.

  • Google Drive and Dropbox: Connect directly to Google Drive and Dropbox to link files to your cards.

  • Custom fields: Add custom labels, numbers, dates, long form text, and more to your cards.

  • Links on cards: Add links to websites, documents, and media files on your cards.

  • Checklists: Add checklists to your cards. Edit checklists in the card's detail view.

  • Link to card: Added a "share this card" button to the top of the card detail view to get the shareable url for that card.

  • Show all cards when searching: Added an option to see all cards in the board when searching or filtering.

  • Move to top: Added a menu option to quickly move a card to the top of a list.

  • Saving indicator: Added an indicator in the board header to show when changes have been saved, or if there's been an error.

  • Custom fields in CSV export: Added custom fields to the CSV export for a board.

  • Select main image: Added an option to select the main image shown on a card when a card has multiple attached files.


  • Mobile web app: Various bugfixes addressing issues on the mobile web version of Subtask.

March 2021

Task history in Subtask

  • Detailed task history: view task history for the whole board or a specific card. See what changed, who changed it and when. Filter activity to locate specific activity.

  • Start weeks on Monday: Configure the calendar to view weeks beginning on Monday.

  • Start dates in CSV export: Added start dates and time estimates to the CSV export for a board.

  • Gantt chart view: Added Gantt chart layout as an option in the timeline view.

  • Subtask Individual subscriptions: Launched Individual subscriptions for members using Subtask on their own.

  • Link to calendar date: Link to specific months or weeks in calendar view.

  • Referral program: Launched the Subtask referral program

  • Sort by dependencies: Added an option to sort cards by dependency order.

  • Add task on calendar date: Added an option to add a task on a specific date in the calendar view


  • Calendar view drag & drop: Fixed lag when dragging and dropping cards in the calendar view
  • Faster month switching: Sped up navigation in the calendar view
  • Dragging columns in Status view: fixed a bug where columns couldn't be reordered in Status view.
  • Undoing deleted card: Undoing a card deletion will restore any dependency relationships with that card.

February 2021

  • Github integration: Connect to Github and attach pull requests to cards. See pull request statuses updated on your cards in realtime.

  • Export to PDF: Export your timeline, priority matrix, or any other view to PDF to download.

  • Time estimates: Add time estimates to cards.

  • Onsite help: Launched subtask.co/help with articles covering the basics of Subtask


  • Faster timeline: Sped up performance in the timeline view.
  • Longer time ranges: Made the timeline more user-friendly when viewing long time ranges in the timeline view.
  • Faster view switching: Made performance improvements to the transition between views.

January 2021

  • Recurring tasks: Schedule tasks to recur daily, weekly, monthly, on one or more days per week. Assign team members to different occurrences of a recurring task and set statuses on each occurrence as each iteration is completed.

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