Your Trello alternative with subtasks

Subtask offers more flexibility than Trello with nested cards and other powerful features.

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Subtask is the Trello alternative with Subtasks

Turn any card into a subtask

Make any card a subtask by dragging it inside another card. Group nested cards together to create a list of subtasks.

Drag a card into a task to make it a subtask

Nest cards to break tasks down as deep as you need to go

Create subtasks inside any card— even inside other subtasks. Break tasks down to any level you need to turn large projects into bite-size todos.

Organize work the way you want into columns

Group your tasks into columns to categorize, prioritize, or arrange them any way you want.

Switch views to manage status, schedule, priority, and more

With status, calendar, timeline, and priority views, Subtask offers more flexible ways to manage tasks. Break tasks down into subtasks and place them on the calendar to schedule them. Drag tasks to the "done" column to mark them complete in the status view.

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Project management for teams

Subtask: The task board for organizing projects the way you want.
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